privacy policy

Information we collect

The webserver itself collects some very minimal information for it's access logs, including your ip address. This kind of log is very common, as it is essential to running a functioning webserver.

Third-party data collectors

On all pages, uses the Facebook tracking pixel and Google Analytics. We do this to improve our customer's experience, which improves our business. :]


Because of the tracking code from third-parties mentioned above (Facebook and Google), some cookies will be set in your browser and the Javascript tracking code on this site (from those companies) will continue to track you (as similar code has been, across the web). This is true of virtually every page you visit on the web. Almost all webpages have some Google or Facebook code on them; even if it's something as simple as a "like" button, moreover, most tracking code is actually invisible to the user (e.g. Google Analytics).

Security — HTTPS

This webserver uses a Let's Encrypt certificate, allowing us to serve all content to you securely over HTTPS (the green lock in the url bar). The connection is made using LibreSSL TLS v1.2 with HSTS enabled.

To put it briefly, not only gets an "A+" from SSL Labs but 100% in all 4 categories.

Responsibility for your Privacy

Websites can claim to honor DNT (Do Not Track) settings. Facebook and Google, however, ignore "Do Not Track" requests. "Private browsing mode" doesn't offer much protection either. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon; all have shown, time and again, that they do not care much for user privacy. It makes sense, right? For the most part, they are in the business of gathering personal information, and exploiting it for profit; one way or another.

The reality of the situation is that the burden of responsibility is really on — YOU — (the user).

If you value your right to privacy, would like to lessen being tracked across the web; please educate yourself. A couple of excellent resources are and Surveillance Self-Defense, a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).


This policy is subject to change at any time in the future; for updates or clarity.

Latest revision date: 2018-08-21